Luxury Renovation Services

Quality refurbishments done with experience is what we stand for. Contact Masper General Building and let us build your dream home.

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Bedroom Renovation

Our turnkey refurbishment service

provides everything you might need for your house refurbishment project, including full renovation, decorative and painting services.

From the design and planning stage to the final completion and delivery stage, our craftsman, painters, and architects ensure that you get a highly efficient service with the utmost attention given to detail and your unique requirements.

home compressive renovation services

Home refurbishments might become necessary

at some point or the other – maybe you are planning to sell your place and want to give the rooms a much-needed touch-up or the kitchen might need some redecorating and rebuilding, given the years of use and abuse. Or, you may be considering putting your property up for rent and want to make the decor more presentable. Even if you want to spruce up your home for your own personal needs and desires, our established home refurbishment experts will deliver in a professional and cost-effective manner.

Luxury Refurbishment Services

From planning and construction

to architectural design, we’ve has delivered a number of exceptionally memorable refurbishment projects all over West London, which have been completed to our clients’ satisfaction and well within the time and budget allotted. At Masper General Building, we love helping London property owners and landlords to renovate and rebuild their homes.

Notting Hill Renovation Services

Property refurbishment

is one of the smartest and most cost-effective ways to improve the appearance of your property; by breathing new life into your home and transforming it into a more beautiful and brighter living space, you are not only adding several years to its lifeline but dramatically improving its overall value as well.

External Renovation Services

We put a laser-like emphasis

on teamwork and take responsibility for all aspects of your refurbishment project – from the feasibility study, design and planning stage to performing the actual renovation work on foundations, walls, roofing, rebuilding the kitchen, fitting bathroom fixtures and even hanging up the curtains.

As a progressive building

and refurbishment specialist, we work closely with you to thoroughly understand your objectives so that each project can be uniquely delivered to not just meet but exceed your expectations by a wide margin.

Renovation Project Management

We love what we do

and pride ourselves in the ability to deliver projects to the highest workmanship standards. Whether you are looking to simply spruce up your home or planning to change the design into a more classic or traditional one, we are your home customization experts. With our 15+ years in the building and refurbishment sector, we devise all our solutions with family comfort and convenience in mind.

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