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Fire Systems

There can be no underestimating the importance of having adequate first systems in place, in your home, or in the workplace. Fire can cause devastation. In residential property, a fire outbreak may not only affect your household, but it can also cause irreparable damage to other households – both personal harm and damage to property.
Business owners have a responsibility to protect their workforce. Fire systems are there to protect everyone and the valuables within the building.

It is vital to have a fire system in place, to ensure your property is not damaged, and there is no threat to life. If you are looking for a fire system installation for your domestic or commercial property, we can help.

Fire Suppression

We can also help with the design of your fire suppression system London, such as water mist, foam, and inert gases. These can help ensure people are protected, both within residential and commercial properties, buildings are protected, and your assets do not get damaged. If you get in touch with us, we can discuss the options with you to protect your property.

Fire Alarm System

Your fire alarm system must be designed and installed properly and should be regularly maintained for your safety and that of others. We will support your needs for fire systems and provide a professional service. The engineers at Masper will work with you throughout the process, to ensure the design and installation, meets your expectations.
We provide fire systems for a range of clients, from small to large businesses, and residential properties. You can be assured that you always receive the first-class service throughout the entire process. You can look at our testimonials, to find out what other customers think about our services.

Fire Door

Fire doors act as a barrier to your building and stop the fire from spreading. They can keep the fire contained in the one room for longer, while you wait for the fire service. In commercial buildings, these can protect your assets and ensure the safety of staff. They can save lives, and in some domestic and commercial settings, they are a legal requirement. We can provide you with fire doors to suit your building, and we will also install these.

Fire Curtains

Another preventative measure in fire safety is fire-resistant curtains. These can help to stop a fire from spreading and ensure that escape areas are not blocked by fire. We are experienced in fire curtain installation, and we will ensure they are tailored to suit your premises.

If you are considering a fire system installation for domestic or commercial properties, we will be happy to assist you. You can also look at our projects to get a better idea of some of the work we have undertaken.

Our Fire Safety services cover all you requirements needs!